Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces - For Pisces

It's all about Career and Creativity with this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

If you are starting something that you want to have a long life with,  maybe a new business or write a book that will always make you money..... During an eclipse like this one is the time to do it.  The seeds you plant now are the ones that will grow.. not only will they grow but it may look like they are on steroids.  I love this energy.  

This is a very powerful Super Moon and it is in harmony with Saturn.   
Saturn is the task master of the zodiac.  He likes to get things done and whatever house he's in on your chart is where he's doing this.   

He's in Pisces 10th house right now..  The house of work, career, honor, ambition.  Each house is ruled by a planet and it just so happens that naturally this is the house that Saturn rules..so he's chilling here.  He stays in each house for 2 1/2 years, it strengthens those areas of your life and makes you more realistic through tests and struggles.  He's the teacher and he's teaching you to be a leader. He's business minded in this house and that's what he's helping you with.  

And then you have Jupiter...Mr Happy Go Lucky.   He loves giving us gifts!  He's in your 6th House of Service and Health.  He's making sure you take care of yourself and stay strong and healthy for all that is coming to you this year.   This is the area of your chart will be getting all his warm shiny rays.  

Wait... there's more.  Neptune.. where is he?  

Neptune, Mr Creative and Dreamy.   He's in Pisces too!  Right next to the New Moon eclipse and swimming around it's energy!    He loves it in Pisces, he rules Pisces.  He's there for awhile too, he spends 13 years in each sign and it just so happens he's visiting his home right now.   He's giving you the drive and motivation to make things happen.  I see a very creative month full of career growth and a year full of career opportunity!

So you have this New Moon Solar Eclipse happening in your sign giving you all this strong energy to do the things you always wanted to.   And it's beautiful that Saturn is looking at this and smiling and absorbing the moons energy into where he is at.   This is a very important month for Pisces, it's a game changer because of all the planetary energy going on.   There can be a big career opportunity coming up for you, that something that will make you more money and help you secure yourself financially in life.  

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