Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Venus Goes Retrograde : October 8 through November 18

While Venus is in Retrograde it's best not to do anything crazy to your hair, makeup or even if you are planning plastic surgery.  Venus is all about beauty and looking good. :)  You see, Venus going retrograde means things slow down and she doesn't work as well as when she's moving forward.   Retrograde is kind of when a planet slows down backs up a little and then takes off again.  The Retrograde period is when she's sitting in reverse. 

Venus is what helps you be beautiful, inside and out.  So while she's on a sort of vacation it's not good to go crazy and cut off all your hair and get a face lift.  She's not paying attention to help guide you.  Wait til after November 18th.

Venus also rules the sign of Taurus so this will affect them more than other signs.