Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

So Mercury goes Retrograde in Scorpio starting October 4th…

Mercury is the communicator, intellect, ruler of short trips, siblings, online communications…how we express ourselves.   Mercury rules Gemini. 

Mercury is in Scorpio.  Scorpio is unpredictable, passionate and observant.  They like to get to the heart of things.   It’s hard to be on the winning side of an argument with someone who has Mercury in Scorpio in their chart.

Now, when Mercury goes retrograde things get a little snarled up in these areas. 

- Communications will be challenged.

-Not a good time for making decisions or new business plans.

-Time of reflection and Deep Conversations.

Scorpions are very secretive.. Expect secrets to come to the surface during this retrograde.   Generally retrogrades aren’t horrible and I hate how everyone gasps at Mercury going Retrograde now.   It’s a time to go back and fix things… Maybe this retro will stir up a conversation you should have had with someone a long time ago. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Moon In Gemini Squaring Neptune in Pisces

In astrology the moon is our emotions, our feeling our intuitions.   New Moons bring new beginning and a clean slate.   Wednesday's New Moon will be in Gemini.  Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac...    Forceful Mars has strolled into the party to give this New Moon in Gemini some extra oomph.  Words are powerful, use them wisely.   

Communication is playful and flirtatious... all more intense.   This New Moon is squaring Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune loves Idealism and Romance.  It increases our sensitivity to other people.  Be careful not not get too caught in other people's dramas, they will feel like energy suckers.   It might also be that someone needs your help or your shoulder to cry on.   We really need to watch out for delusions or illusions at this time because  Neptune tends to put on the rose colored glasses and not really see situations for what they really are...  

Talk is cheap.

Take Gemini's advice. .. Increase your communication skills.   Be honest.. Listen more and talk less.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mercury in Gemini Transit May 2014

Mercury goes into Gemini tomorrow...  it's home.   Mercury rules communication and Gemini's love to communicate.   It's mostly exalted in the house of Aquarius but in Gemini it has a more fun feel to it.   If you had to give this big inspiring speech to a million people, you would want Mercury to be in Aquarius.   That Uranus boots would make sure you were heard.  

Mercury in Gemini is light and fun...  It's a great time to go out and socialize, conversations are fun and easy. It will be touring here until July so this summer will be a time to strike up conversations.   Mercury is giving the Gemini gift of Charisma and Intellect and You might just impress someone...