Sunday, March 27, 2011

Now this was a house of a person with a flower fetish

She must of spent a fortune on plastic was cheerful being in there so many flowers but total overkill
There were plastic flowers everywhere.....

It was a different theme in every room

Love the ceramic boots...

Friday, March 25, 2011

The house that was Full of Love

Today was a good day because it was another day that I got to connect with someone. I headed out early to an estate sale in Kenilworth and I have never walked into a house like this one. Some of the homes you walk into feel empty, sad and full of someone's forgotten memories. I shiver sometimes when I walk into some of these "sad" houses and one time even broke down in tears in someone's cold abandoned bathroom.

This house was different because it was so warm, welcoming and felt so safe to me. I was in a bedroom that reminded me of my old babysitter;s bedroom and the memories flooded in. Not good memories because she was mean to me and hindered my development as a child because of her meanness. This lookalike room wasn't Senhora Arlandas room, this room felt warm and you just wanted to sit there all day watching Oprah. I sat there for a awhile on the bed and wished I had grown up in a house like this. I just knew and felt that the people who lived there were happy people.

I was in the kitchen when I overheard the owner was there and I just had to find her to tell her I loved her house. As outdated as it was I wanted it, I wanted to move in and live there forever. She was a little old lady, very well put together and her kind welcoming energy drew me straight to her. I told her what I felt and she said "It was a very happy home, a very happy home and I'm going to miss it so much". Her husband of 60 years just passed away and she couldn't live in that big house by herself so she was selling off the contents to move to Connecticut to live with her daughter. She didn't want to go, I could tell. I almost wanted to tell her, "I'll stay here with you".

She talked to me for a bit and she was so sad about losing the love of her life. How she didn't break into tears I don't know but the pain was all in her voice. I told her she's a very strong person to stay here and watch all these people walk in and out of her house, it would kill me. She responded, "I'm not that strong, really". I hugged her and told her she was and wished her the best.

I love these moments.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Favorite find of the day

Why I love this piece of dirty Samsonite luggage? The Cunard Liverpool sticker. Why? Because it could of sailed across on the Queen Mary. I love history and this luggage is a piece of it. The house was falling apart, it hard to think how anyone even lived in there. People really neglect the elderly and sometimes it makes me sad that their kids are so quick to sell whatever they can and not be ashamed that their parents were living in squaler. It was a nice house....maybe 50 years ago.

The sconces are from the 30s so just imagine how old this house was. We couldn't even go up to the 2nd floor because the stairs were broken and there was sever water damage. I really do hope nobody was living there.

Inside the luggage I stuffed a bunch of barbie doll clothes from the 60's or 70's. Pretty amazing styles and better than any Barbie clothes you see out in the stores now. Can't wait to put these on sale.

Oh yeah, that's right, I hate listing!!! I need to work on that, I'm turning into a collector and not a seller!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ralph Lauren, it's a mystery

If anyone knows anything about his Ralph Lauren vintage bag, please let me know.  Can't find any info on this..  I can't put it on sale because I don't know how much it's worth.  When I saw it I loved it and found it so different and unique.  Until I know more about it I'm going to rock it...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Too many minimized screens

My friend Steve recently told me that there is too much going on in his life and that there are too many screens open on his computer screen.  I totally felt him on that because that is what happened to me these past two years.  Astrology, Real Estate, my Dad's cancer scare, my losing my job, having my heart completely broken and dealing with my anxiety issues.  Too much isn't enough of a word.   

I dropped out of both my Astrology class and my Real Estate class because I was going through some serious health issues that made it very uncomfortable for me to sit in a class for 2 or 3 hours.  I will return to these two one day and I will complete them but for now it's all about getting my vintage online store off the ground.  I have a room of over 300 items that I need to post.  It's more fun to buy than to list but that way of thinking has got to go because all I see is money going out and none coming in.  I have quite the collection, and I feel once I list I can make my money back.

Today I went to a sale in Morristown and made out like a motherfucking bandit!  This lady had beautiful clothes, I bought over 30 pieces.  It's time to list this shit!  I've found my passion in life and as with everything in it's beginning stages I must do the grudge work.  You can't see the rainbow with walking through the rain.  Dramatic of me, I know.  That's how it feels to list stuff on Etsy and Ebay lol   Enough whining and more gusto.  Even as I write this I am interrupted by a friend texting me about how she's a mess and I'm telling her she isn't and building her up.   (Puts mirror in front of me)  I'm grabbing control of my life starting now.  First comes vintage store, then real estate license then my Astrology that I love so much.

The only screen I have up right now is my Etsy store and that's what I'm throwing myself into.   *holds nose and dives*