Friday, March 20, 2015

New Moon in Pisces Solar Eclipse

A lot of astrologers believe that during a Solar Eclipse a portal opens and the veil that separates our world from the other gets a lot thinner.   It's a powerful day for prayer and meditation..  Take some time tonight, light a candle sit alone and state your intentions for the coming year.   This eclipse is happening at the last degree of Pisces.

Remember, each astrological house has 29 degrees and Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.  Tomorrow we will be at 1 degree Aries, the First sign of the zodiac.

It's all about rebirth here... especially with spiritual Pisces.   Tomorrow is actually the first day of the year in a sense..

Here are a few words from one of my favorite Astrologers Kelley Rosano:

“…Eclipses are the most powerful transit that you can experience. The herald major beginnings and endings. Pisces is the most psychic and sensitive sign in the zodiac. Your emotions will feel strong and deep.

“You may be moody and introspective. This is because your feelings rising from your subconscious may be difficult to articulate and communicate. Your sub-conscious speaks in a different language than your conscious mind.

“Your physic abilities are increasing. Your intuition is strong. You could have spiritual experiences. Trust your intuition. Trust your instincts. Much insight can come to you now.

“…Watch out for fears and phobias that may wash over you. Stay in the present. Your power is in the now. This Pisces eclipse is bringing to light your mission in this life. Your soul’s purpose.”

“…Dream what you want to see in the world. You do not need to fix, save and rescue other people. You want to let people live their own lives. Allow others to learn from their experiences. This is the path to Self-mastery.

“Practice the Law of Allowing. That is create the space for others to find their own answers…If you want to help other people, role model a great life. When you do what is right for you, it is right for everyone else. The Law of Attraction is matching your energy, words and behavior.”

“…The Moon enters Aries less than an hour after the eclipse. Thirteen hours later the Sun enters Aries. You have the Spring/Fall Equinox.

“Your mood will shift rapidly…For you will be ready to launch into action. Having both lights (the Sun and the Moon) in Aries…”

“March 20 could be the most intense day this year. The total eclipse followed by the equinox creates a powerful portal. You can access higher dimensions of consciousness….”

“This is an awesome opportunity to merge with your Soul Self. Be who you really are. Be your authentic Self. March 20 is a brilliant day for ritual and prayer.

“Set your intention for what you want to create in the new season. Dance with Creator.”

© Copyright 2015 ~KELLEY ROSANO All Rights Reserved

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