Thursday, November 14, 2013

Want to get to know your Aquarius and what they want and need?

You can find out a lot about your Aqua gal or guy just by posting their Birthday (with the year).

I can look up where their Venus, Mars and Mercury are on the zodiac wheel and that can give you tremendous insight how they love, what they want from their lovers and their style of communication.  Post in the comments and I'll take a look for you.



  1. Hi there,

    God I love your insights! I'm an Aqua woman and am very hard to pin down but you've done a fabulous job! My birthday was 25 January 1977 and I was born in New Zealand just as the sun rose. Thanks!

    1. I just saw this.. let me work on this and get back to you tomorrow night. Sorry!

  2. Hey, this is about my Aquarius girl. DOB 27th January 1988.


  3. Replies
    1. I just need to know where she was born; city country

    2. Hey thanks for responding. Sorry for the multiple posts I got full retard on here

      Sydney,Australia. I don't know what town though.

    3. That's good enough. Give me like a week and I"ll get this for you... I have a busy work week ahead..

  4. Excellent thank you SO MUCH for this. :-)