Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Full Moon Blessings.. Full Moon in Taurus

Hi Astro lovers...

It's a full moon today..

Leave your birthday with year in the comments, I'll tell you what house it's falling in and what it's about for you.

Today there is the Full Moon in Taurus at 10:16 AM EST at 25 degrees 26 minutes.   This is hitting my 1st house of SELF and my 4th house of HOME.

My hair did look great today and I felt great...  Now I'm home giving it a good organising.  I have so much energy..  

Full Moons are great for finishing things...   

Could be a project or sadly...a relationship.

It could go a lot of ways.  I'm going to harness it today and get my laundry done even though my laze Taurus Rising just wants to grave on the grass like a cow.

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