Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scarves, Scarves... all about scarves!

Now this is exciting!  I found this pamphlet at one of my picks and forgot all about it.  I just found it in the back of one of my cabinets and I have no idea how it got there.  The reason I'm so excited about this is because in my storage unit I have about 200 vintage scarves I am going to sell and I was thinking today about how to take pictures of them.  

I was just going to lay them out and take a picture but that is boring.  Then while I was putting away the two pairs of sunglasses I just listed, I find this.  I know exactly when I bought this, it was one of the first sales I went to.   Life always works out the way it's meant to. 

Just look at these pictures, so many ways to wear scarves!  I'm going to have so much fun trying out all these styles on my mannequin.   I will be selling my scarves for $5 to $20 dollars and I have a few authentic Channel ones I found for a great deal at the Hess Estate I went to awhile back.

I forgot how much work it is to list auctions and sales on the Internet.  It takes me about 15 minutes just to research each item on the net to figure out a fair price to sell them for.  It's work, and I have so much more to sell.  My favorite part of this process of course is finding the stuff and my second favorite part is when I sell it.  I hate the clerical side of it but I will have to adjust because I can't afford an assistant.    I've had so many people asking me when I was going to start selling my items and I always said soon, soon.  The truth is I was dreading this part of it but it's all like riding a bike.  Once you start, you get used to it and it's not so annoying anymore. 

At first I felt maybe I was scared to do it because what if I fail and nobody buys it?  After the past few years I had there is nothing I'm scared of anymore.  eh.. if I don't sell it I will keep it and wear all the stuff I have.  I"m not scared of failing, I'm scared of not trying at all.  

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