Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh us Aquarius"

Let me take off my coat and get comfortable and get a cup of tea.  See we get a bad rap, both the men and women.  Most of the time no one really has a clue about us except ourselves. We think a lot, that's first of all.  When you are talking to us and we are looking at our nails and preoccupied with something else it's not that we are ignoring you... We are just thinking.  It's our nature...  it's not on purpose.  How many times my girlfriend is telling me something and I'm like "Huh?  Sorry I didn't hear you"  I annoy people with that a lot but my close friends all understand my air headed nature.   Only another person who also thinks a lot can understand this.   My friends are Gemini's Sagittarius' Capricorns.   The Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac so they are always thinking too.  The Sagittarius is the Philosopher... and the Capricorn is always thinking on the next thing to make some money.  All thinkers.   If you aren't a thinker and not open to understand me then a relationship will be impossible.

The next thing that's very important to an Aquarius.  Freedom!  Please read that again and understand that.    We don't really like the checking up on me thing 2 to 3 times a day..  I will tell you once what I'm doing and you better trust me.  It's when you stop trusting me with the million calls a day then I will lose interest.   And we do like affection.   Not all the time don't smother us the neediness will send us running for the hills.   We like surprises :)  How to gather a thinkers attention?  Be interesting.

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