Monday, April 12, 2010

The coming New Moon in Aries

This new moon in Aries is hitting me in my Natal 12th House and Solar 3rd House.  The New Moon is always the day you should start something new.  Or list a set of goals for yourself and say this is what I want...  The New Moon's energy is very powerful when you know how to use correctly.

 The 12th house is all about the subconscious realm and it can be a great time to get into holistic treatments and healing work.  I find it to also be a very spiritual house.  That's funny because I just tried out a meditative CD the other night for the first time.   I think that is something that I'm going to practice doing.   It quiets my mind.   It quieted it so much that I actually fell asleep during the mediation and woke up on my living room like wha??. 

Then in my solar 3rd house it's been all about writing lately.  I actually feel inspired to write because I really like what I'm learning and I love writing about it.    The 3rd house is the home of Gemini...the communicator.   So now this New Moon coming up is beaming all this energy into both of those houses...  I think I already started my new project.

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