Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moon Magic

The Moon is one of the most valuable components in our horoscope.  Farmers and fisherman always believed it also influenced their crops and ocean tides. Farmers are  aware of Lunar Power and have long used the Moon's phases in order to plant their crops at the right time to make sure they harvested a healthy crop.

The word month is derived from 'Moon' and there are in fact, not 12, but 13 Lunar months in a year. Each month can be divided into 4 distinct Lunar phases . Each Lunar phase has different qualities and properties, which can be used to your advantage, once you know how to tap into it's energy. 
Even before I started studying astrology I knew that the New Moon was for planting your wishes and writing your lists of what you want to happen in the coming two weeks before the culmination (The Full Moon).  Every night on a New Moon I light a white candle and declare to the universe what I want.  Besides the New Moon and Full Moon there areother phases that I will explain down below.  Use it's power to harness your needs and wants....  it's not secret it has some sort of powers.  If it can effect the ocean it can effect us.

First Quarter Moon:

Sow your seeds

Listen to your intuition

Note down your dreams

Waxing Moon:

Focus on your goals

Refine your desires

Tune in to the Moon energy

Full Moon,

High energy time

Make your important calls and moves

Network and hit the casino or purchase your lottery ticket

Waning Moon:

Sit back and enjoy your good fortune

Be generous with your abundance

Observe which of your projects have reached fruition

Last Quarter Moon:

Rest and reflect

Refine current objectives

Visualize wealth and prosperity in your life

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